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Brothercraft Chat Lobby [93]
Nov 1, 15
hey guys, this is SassySue2162, is there a way to fix the voteing? I know I typed my name but all it took was the first letter and it did not count towards my votes....any suggestions? Thanks...
Nov 4, 15
Nov 7, 15
Nov 7, 15
FYI my name is chaoswizard and it does not say that it says NickyBrian
Nov 12, 15
only 4 hours for my unban
Nov 12, 15
When am i getting my unban actually?
Nov 13, 15
if the server says when it's gonna end then that's the time
Nov 13, 15
if not, well...basically you'redamned
Nov 13, 15
*you're damned
Nov 14, 15
Why can't I join the BC? Is there a problem?
Nov 16, 15
Nov 16, 15
A wild Newt has appeared o.O
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Fri at 14:18
Why is the server down?
Sat at 18:34
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Server is down again, fix plez <3
Do we do movie night every sunday?
Why can't I join the BC? Is there a problem?
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server is down again </3
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