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Sat at 16:20
Sat at 16:22
Sat at 19:19
Sun at 2:55
Sun at 3:46
So my ban appeal has been untouched for about 5 days now. When will a conclusion be made? No rush I'm just curious.
Sun at 17:26
is something up with the server? can't log on
Sun at 17:44
will have to assume that is a yes, since everything else is working, just not BC. ....oh well off to annoy folks somewhere else for a bit, will try back later....
Sun at 23:51
Been back up for awhile now, didn't see this sorry
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Durango try connecting using the numerical IP at the top right of the page
PS it's 7:55 pm for me, not 1;55 am.
Is the server going to start again. I try to go on today and it said was I am not on the white list. Is that jsut for now or is that forever? I loved brothercraft about a year ago. It really is sad that whatever happen happen. Hopefully It comes back
Happy birthday gr33n! (if thats correct)
Currently I'm working on getting everything back up and going, still can't figure out why SMP is having a attitude with crashing. :I
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