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Jul 17, 15
Jul 17, 15
We need to wait for an owner to resolve the problem so we might have a little bit of a wait, sorry for the inconvenience
Jul 17, 15
:/ hackers, or sever host problems, or what?
Jul 17, 15
or do we not know?
Jul 17, 15
Nothing serious don't worry :-)
Jul 17, 15
Jul 17, 15
We are waiting for Shauna to get off of work to pay for the server :)
Jul 17, 15
Jul 17, 15
Never mind she was just sleeping
Jul 17, 15
Thanks for your patience everyone, the server is now back up! :-)
Jul 17, 15
Jul 21, 15
Only two more days till in home and can play on the server again!
Jul 22, 15
server is down? authentication servers "down" according to my mc
Jul 22, 15
nvm, wifi clockwork 3am drop, my bad
Thu at 7:06
The servers are down
Thu at 23:35
Some moron recently ddos'd the minecraft authentication servers. Even the likes of Hypixel etc were down. Should all be fine now however so if you're still having problems then it may be your internet. :)
Fri at 21:40
yer... thats a pree bad sign hack we got at spawn and market.... :/
Sat at 1:39
anyone have $15 for steam and wants to gift me csgo
Sat at 21:38
I wish xD
Sat at 21:47
Sat at 21:48
Sat at 21:48
Sat at 22:23
can any1 else not able to get onto minecraft?
Sat at 22:23
I'm on right now
Sat at 22:30
r the login servers off?
Sat at 22:33
cause it cant remember my password
Mon at 2:43
Mon at 4:18
Hey boog
Mon at 23:35
bloop bloop
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