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Silverpeal @ BC MAIN
Jan 19, 15
but it's cool because it tells how the rings were forged etc
crackerjackman @ BC MAIN
Jan 19, 15
i hear ya
Jan 19, 15
wut does the "o" next to my name mean? lol
Jan 19, 15
Jan 19, 15
Jan 19, 15
dang i might fall asleep before the servers back up.
Jan 19, 15
its up
Jan 19, 15
oh coo
Tmiester Support
Jan 19, 15
Brothercraft has a Twitter! Follow for news, giveaways, and more! :)
Wed at 14:42
I'm leaving the website :) goodbye I'm not gonna be on anymore
Thu at 12:55
Thu at 12:55
crashed x3
Fri at 18:10
um guys this previous week i've been unable to join BC
Fri at 18:10
Fri at 18:10
in 1.8?
Fri at 18:10
Fri at 18:10
Fri at 18:10
it's the only server i can't connect to :)
Fri at 18:11
Fri at 18:13
it says Refused:No further Information
Fri at 18:13
as i said it's the only server i can't connect to
Fri at 18:13
try now?
Fri at 18:14
no :)
Fri at 18:15
any idea?
Fri at 18:15
Fri at 18:16
Tmiester Support
Fri at 21:32
No clue why this would happen.
Sat at 21:34
Try updating your Java. It may be out of date, and the server is refusing the connection for security purposes
Tmiester Support
Sun at 0:01
13 hours ago
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I love this server. Im so glad i found it. The "brothers" here are so friendly,
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WhATs up with all the timing out? getting real bad
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Welcome back Brothercraft, we have been expecting you.
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