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4th July Skin Contest!

Skegnas48 a posted Sat at 20:22

To celebrate you lot leaving us I cri everi time 'Mruica's independence day on the 4th July we're going to hold an American themed skin competition. It's quite short notice in that we're going to hold it on Sunday 3rd July but this time we'll give equal consideration to custom skins and other skins. For the prizes steam games and webstore perks will be on offer, I'll update this post when I've decided what the specific prizes will be.

~Skegs :-)


Skegnas48 a posted Jun 10, 16

Hey Folks,

After a quick poll with the people online a few days ago it seemed players wanted to update to 1.10 or were ok with the server being updated. Therefore, we are now running 1.10 on both Survival and Creative. Due to the changes with 1.10 Echopet, Auctions and Playerparticles are not working currently, but when they update we will put them on the servers. If you buy something in the store then don't worry, when the plugins are updated you will get the pet/particles. If you happen to find any bugs, do let a member of staff know. :-)


P.S. First one to find a polar bear put a screenie in the gallery on the website c-:

- Greenie's Pola Bear rawr

World Download!!

Skegnas48 a posted Jun 4, 16

As promised we have sorted the world download courtesy of Greenie's cloud space. Details can be found in the forum post below.

World download forum post

~Skegs :-)

SMP World Change

Skegnas48 a posted Jun 3, 16

I have started sorting out the new world for SMP, so for now the server will be whitelisted. I'll update this post when all is done. CMP should still be accessible though if anyone wanted to go on there. :-)

EDIT - Ok so all is done, we have a new home! There are a couple of things to note. We've changed griefprevention blocks over so you have fewer in total (or will when I can fully figure it out c-:) and can now buy extra if you need them. Ranks have not been reset and if you are tier 1-3 you can get your mcmmo points from these ranks back, just ask a staff member. We also have a new tier, and if you wish to then you can talk to an admin and change over to Mage!

~Skegs :-)

Our new home! c-:

SMP World Reset!!

Skegnas48 a posted May 27, 16

Another update that requires it's own post really is the details of the world reset on SMP. We are aiming to do this on Friday 3rd June 2016. Unfortunately it is unlikely that dungeons will not be finished for the reset but we are most definitely actively working to get those sorted out ASAP. One change we want to bring in with the reset is a change to the Griefprevention blocks. You will still get a suitable amount of blocks as standard for claims but to bolster the effectiveness of the economy we want to try and allow players to buy extra blocks, this would negate the need for staff to make worldguard regions when players run out of blocks also and make life easier for both you and us.

We will try and sort out a way for you to download the current map when the reset happens, there are a lot of cool builds on there. I can't wait to see what awesome stuff you build next! :-)


Englian Will kit timeouts gonna be reset?
CommanderYoungee Will non-donor ranks be reset? By the way sorry if this was already covered
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